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Dries van Noten in Antwerp designer before Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts in front of interactive panels Source: Suzy Menkes / Instagram You can load the Belgian fashion pictures and videos via the touch screen. First, I point a bit "Martin Margiela", there has been a lot of pictures and a number of memorabilia above; after I ordered a "Walter Van Beirendonck", wild plaid jacket and a striped knit dress greeted instant publicity. After from the entrance to the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp MoMu Fashion Museum outside the digital walls, Dries Van Noten and finally click on his name, its quality is evident. When visitors enthusiastically asked Dries Van Noten "Can I talk to your co-Zhang Ying it?", He remained humble attitude. Then, when I step on the college heights overlooking the city, to see Walter (and Dries Van Noten with one of the "Antwerp Six") and students of the judges, but found Dries quietly walked into a Bookstore. Antwerp, Belgium, dock port duties, tall, narrow houses proportioned, always fascinating - and I'll aim here, just to list "inspiration (Inspirations)" true appearance of the exhibition. Although I have three degrees Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, visited the exhibition Dries Van Noten, but I am still curious about the Dries will happen in his hometown presents extraordinary fusion of art and fashion. Dries Van Noten 97/98 Winter Series Source: Kurt De Wit This exhibition of that scale smaller than France, but also quieter - it's not a simple pile of exhibits. However, the person at the scene of Dries let me think more deeply about what he wanted to express in the end. We discussed the 1981 movie "Chariots of Fire" (Chariots ofFire) on male fashion, he commented:. "The film changed the perception of British menswear and sportswear entire romantic view" Then we came to Damien Hirst's work, "Nabi kaleidoscope." When I indulge when its numerous colors and artistic arrangement among, Dries says, "I wanted to use it, for example, to re jordan 3 katrina 2018 mind you to be more in-depth observation: At first glance, you'll see the beautiful art of Damien Hirst skills; again a look, you will find that it is the body pulled out from the hundreds of butterfly wings glued on the canvas. You'll feel beautiful, but sometimes you will feel bad. " Dries Van Noten 10/11 Winter Series Source: Kurt De Wit The exhibition exciting is that: exhibits display mode surprise, even called shocking. Factors such as the beam waist, wide skirt classic suit Bar Jacket Christian Dior and Yves Klein how will the famous "Klein Blue" and Dries design windbreaker pants something to do? 1947 Christian Dior Spring-Summer 18 meters of material Mini Set Bar Tailleur (silk coat and wool pleated skirt) show In the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts Source: Jean Tholance Topic This section is the "punk", annotated: "resistance and changes in social behavior standards brought us creative spark, contrary to the established tradition allows us to break the shackles of the form, you can enjoy laughing at us made that is, but you can not stop us create a new image. "We can feel the designer's thought process in the whole exhibition, is fantastic! VanNoten some very literary point of view not so much, as it is very practical. His talk about the "first impression", and explains how to change the Internet through the entire process of the fashion show. Before the fashion show from the beginning to the climax is a slow process, but now, "the first impression is that you want something elaborate, because that moment will determine whether the users friends" click. "You can Style. com to know how many people click on the link and then click on the browser, so you can really understand that they are part of you spend much time. " 57-year-old Dries also in other ways showed his pragmatic and poetic side. He told me, Madame Gr & egrave; s 1943 issued in a beautifully cut suit, although only two and a half meters of fabric, but in his opinion, it does not lose femini cheap air jordans nity and luxury of Dior's Bar & nbsp; Jacket-- this sets of clothing materials up to 18 meters, some women even had also rushed to the streets of Paris therefore angrily complained they wasted material. In this exhibition in Antwerp, all clothing with a sense of history comes from the decorative arts museum, and Dries might come from that part of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts. But these are derived from the fact that the clothing itself Dries Van Noten diverse thinking, and his close relationship with the artists. huge database containing interactive touch screen wall, there are a variety of information about Belgium Source: Suzy Menkes / Instagram & nbsp; a presentation of "& nbsp; isses" picture window used some from the 1968 movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" (Thomas Crown Affair), some from Man Ray or Robert Doisneau's photographs. Another window showing the New Zealand film "The Piano" (The Piano), which inspired the designer's inspiration, with a skirt made of plastic materials, manufacture Ocean bubble effect - that is, all things are wet da da, slimy and tightly close to the body. Dries of "thinking train" shuttle piecemeal to those who inspired him "dirty wind (grunge)" a place of inspiration, from KurtCobain to Lucian Freud's studio, and then withered flowers and his own signature "fancy dress": checkered shirts, coats and men's dinner service. And when I tried to keep up with the train, I felt dizzy. Men wear clothes more seductive floral - from the Louis XV era to the 1960s Jimmy Hendrix, and then print surf shorts, floral decoration style clothing has been very popular - subsequently, Dries with me and his partner Patrick Vangheluwe lunch when bathing in the summer sun, told me about his own garden, but I was fascinated. We are passing through the exhibition is divided into two parts channel, have not had time to breathe, a sudden surge of flowers nostrils. Wall passage by the Tolaas design inlaid with interactive olfactory board --Tolaas born in Norway, g cheap air jordans rew up in Berlin, he is an artist. Then we quietly watched the slow-motion movie. art exhibition hall dazzling, dizzying. I had to ask Dries select the most outstanding works. He recommended the Spanish region Crist & oacute; bal Balenciaga show "black, white, and precise tone" theme of the works, as well as the Australian rock singer Nike Cave cater to suits. I found visual juxtaposition and thinking in parallel throughout the exhibition. For example, Bollywood colorful pair of gray minimalist Jil Sander; and Belgium Personal Tailor Dior princess quiet and elegant as the Indian sari-like dress skirt. I have been asked at Dries is how, after Paris, Antwerp added more than half of all new work situation, once again successfully organized museum exhibitions. During the exhibition, there is Van Noten specially woven carpet of green lawn, now has the right to exhibit the museum. He said: "If you want to hold a high-quality exhibition, to do the preparatory work too much, and now I am more willing to put their energy into the creation of new work up." After that, we will leave the MoMu fashion museum in Antwerp and went Dries Van Noten beachfront studio, he's so energetic and vigorous, so I was surprised. Dries van Noten office window view Image Editor: Suzy Menkes / Instagram His pet dog Harry "warm" welcome us. Then, we took a look around at the office building on different floors, each floor has a team of almost work - either in writing, either to deal with other matters: a stack of fabric finishing; or embroidery procurement process just India or creative arts painting on the screen. menswear show in Paris this month, has been successfully concluded, the women's collection for next season is in full swing. Dries Van Noten desk on fresh flower arrangements Source: SuzyMenkes / Instagram I had promised not to take pictures, and will see and hear this line of secrecy - especially paintings - otherwise there may have been those of its competitors use. The only t new jordans shoes for sale hing I can take pictures is a long wooden table in a vase, which contests a variety of summer flowers - purple, pink, red, orange, and everything - green leaves lining flowers, unusual aesthetic. Dries said, "These flowers are from my own garden pick."day before the network exposure of a pair of Nike for Durant to create KD 1 "Seattle supersonics" PE shoes, overall using supersonic iconic yellow green color, and the shoe vamp design version of the banner of yin and yang. I do not know how it is to see the mood, is miss that material used extremely attentively era, or KD series of low price, but anyway, it is also a good memory. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! 2014 Chinese designer's top ten single products said, "we don't play football, I know, but I don't understand the trend. I've died with you, ." Nicholas Tse's favorite is not Faye Wong, but this one...... 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Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Vans's surfing line Vans Surf and Japanese artist Yusuke Hanai brought the first cooperation between the two sides, in the All-Star weekend, Nike Kobe 11 "Brave Blue" color, so that a small number of fans to buy comments on A: Vans's Vans Surf and surf regional Japanese artist Yusuke Hanai brought the first collaboration between the two sides next: in the all star weekend, Nike Kobe 11 "Brave Blue" to make a few fans buy color 2012-9-5 09:51 upload and download the attachment (102 KB) Nike ACG 2012 autumn / winter series launched Air MagmaApproach two high tube outdoor shoes, ACG is a branch of Nike brand of outdoor products, and product design in the ACG series will add outdoor design element, in winter 2012 ACG in the series, the launch of the Air MagmaApproach combined with Nike technology and design style outdoor climbing shoes, shoes with suede and nylon cloth making, climbing buckle lace holes also use gold ring and the upper, and the sole is also used needle suture, improve durability. 2012-7-20 08:32 upload download attachment (76.6 KB) scoring king, finals MVP, championship, dunk king, hall of fame, each of these honors as if for the "basketball God" Micheal jordan*. Yes, Micheal Jordan in the minds of fans, the status of great God ha Retro jordans for sale s long been established, and unbreakable, can not be shaken. So, a man gets chicken dog * and Micheal Jordan, all things are synonymous with selling, especially for Air Jordan. The NIKE company for Micheal Jordan launched Air Jordan 1 Phat Diablo shoes. Improvement in the original JORDAN 1, both with full of domineering black color or with enough expensive platinum combination, the Air Jordan 1 Phat looks so dignified. Like friends pay attention to, and then ten and a half months, Air Jordan 1 Phat will be listed, and do well psychologically prepared yo.Popular new Nike 2012 Holiday Roshe Premium 2013-12-08 22:28:24 Nike Roshe Run Premium since its launch has attracted much attention from fans, recently Nike released two latest color matching Nike Roshe Run. The Nike Roshe Run Premium shoe is made of suede, and only Swoosh is made of leather. In terms of color matching, each shoe's upper shoe is made of two color matching colors. With third colors of Swoosh, the visual impact is very strong. But this shoe suede uppers also uses two different plush suede spliced, highly textured. It is reported that these two Nike Roshe Run will be listed in the fall and winter season, like friends can pay attention to its detailed offering information.Ojaga Design, a famous Japanese hand brand, has launched a joint cooperation with PUMA. It is based on PUMA's classic shoes Disc Trinomic. The leather is made of high quality leather and partly suede. The details are integrated into the sawtooth pattern, and the rich colors make it very fashionable. Believe that with their sale, will greatly meet the retro shoes market. It is reported that this series of shoes has been sold through designated shops, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it.display at the headquarters of the Nike shoe exhibits, nature is the object Sneaker enthusiasts pilgrimage to worship Michael Jordan my pro sneakers. From the beginning of his career, the white Air Jordan 1, to the Air Jordan 18 worn by the wizards, is very attractive not only in the first year, but also in the minds of visitors. and for this you, what a MJ OG Air Jordan through the first year of shoes is your favorite? 〈br air="" jordan="" 11986 Air Jordan 21987 Air Jordan 31988 Air Jordan 41989 Air Jordan 51990 Air Jordan 61991 〈br air="" jordan="" 71992 Air Jordan 111996 Air Jordan 121997 〈br air="" jordan="" 131998 Air Jordan 141998 Air Jordan 182003 in addition to the previously reported KD Nike 9 "USA" for sale information, more new KD 9 is about to debut later. This time Durant's latest ninth generation signature sneakers, equipped with the Nike signature style Flyknit woven fabric and Air Zoom technology to provide excellent support, feedback and flexibility. I believe that for the new KD 9 we have a very high expectations, the following will bring us a wave of new information, we may wish to preview. Nike Zoom KD 9 "USA" item: 843392-160release date: June 27, 2016Price: $150 Nike Zoom item: 843392-300release date: August 18, 2016Price: $150 Nike Zoom release date: August 31, 2016Price: $150 Nike Zoom release date: October 4, 2016Price: $150 Nike Zoom release date: October 4, 2016Price: $150 Nike Zoom release date: November 25, 2016Price: $150 Nike Zoom item: 843392-100release date: January 1, 2017Price: $150 Nike Zoom item: 843392-611release date: January 1, 2017Price: $150 Nike Zoom release date: February 16, 2017Price: anyShare Source: share to:Swedish shoe store Sneakersnstuff officially released a new joint project with Consortium adidas. To "tee time" in the name of the series to draw inspiration from golf, including super popular ultra boost with vintage equipment running guidance '93 two pairs of shoes. Among them, ultra boost by black and white at the confluence of Primeknit knitted material constitutes a shoe body, frame and white collocation, SNS logo embroidery embellishment on the ankle, and equipment running guidance '93 is has been replaced with the classic appearance of golf shoes, black and white spell color combination, beautifully carved details and brown leather inside, were given the unprecedented elegant beauty. X adidas Consortium Tee "Time Sneakersnstuff" joint series will begin in January 22nd on the SNS exclusive sale, and then with the February 5th landing in the world other designated stores. source: HYPEBEAST& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas fourth-quarter earnings of House, just as in 2005 announced the acquisition of Reebok, Adidas, like, let Wall Street a surprise - a net loss of 4 million euros. Previously, analysts had expected fourth-quarter profit of 5 million euros over the same period, the company net profit of 20 million euros last year. Among them, Reebok's global sales fell 5 percent to $ 930 million, but the number of orders fell by 22%, while the largest decrease among the US market, reaching 28%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; is not only a loss of performance, market analysts Reebok also more pessimistic outlook in the United States. "Reebok does appear to be some problems, it is reducing the number of orders, retailers worried that Adidas will be positioned as low-end brands." Deutsche Bank analyst Mark O'Meara said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; people can not help but start to worry, Adidas and Reebok merger will not end in failure? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; M Reebok singled industry leader Nike & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2005 ?? 8 3 May, Adidas announced plans to 3.1 billion euros ($ 3.8 billion) to buy Reebok USA, aimed at integration of its advantages in European football and athletics field and sharp Step in the US basketball and football fields to attract, and the world sports brand leader Nike compete. Both sides of the joint means that the new company can seize any stadium in the global market place, more in-depth sports competitions, this acquisition allows operations in all major sports in the world. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas and Reebok formed a new entity, will increase sales of products, the annual turnover will reach $ 11.1 billion; and Nike sales last year amounted to $ 13.7 billion. Adidas's goal is to launch the assault to Nike, the world's sporting goods market, striving to become the leader. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Adidas chief executive Herbert Hainer said the merger with Reebok, Adidas is an important strategic milestone. The world's two most respected sporting goods industry, well-known companies together is a good opportunity for a lifetime. The combined company will tentacles across the globe can be extended, and greatly promote the growth of market share in North America. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; investors were cheered on the acquisition, Reebok shares on the New York Stock Exchange, rose 29 points at once, the price per share of $ 56.74. In Frankfurt, Adidas shares also rose 7 percent to 158.20 euros per share ($ 192.96). & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike, Adidas claim for damages, injunction & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Adidas chief executive Herbert Hainer has no joy from the combined woke up, calamity will come one after another, the first arrival of a rival threw a bomb. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; February 16, Nike shoes to violate the company's unique technology principle SHOX shock patent grounds, the rival Adidas and other companies court. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The company said in a statement, Nike, Adidas products infringe certain footwear SHOX cushioning Nike Air technology, the allegedly infringing products include Adidas1 Adidas running shoes and a new basketball star Kevin? Garnett signature basketball shoe. These products use the Adidas a3 air damping system. Nike's statement that cushion has been infringed SHOX cushioning technology was first introduced in 2000, currently more than 19 single patent protection. The technology inspired fuel booster rocket before launch after 16 years of development and improvement, after the company invested a lot of money to get results. By the end of January this year, just as Nike CEO Mark? Parker then also involved in the technical design.