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in addition to NBA, the world famous EYBL League, QUAI54 league tournament, star represents the highest level of high school students the McDonald's all American high school students, as well as many stars in the League Drew love. The league has its own exclusive color shoes, today we have to look at these folk color shoes! 1. League Drew Drew is a Amateur League league in southern Losangeles, has been at a high level for each year from June to August, 28 teams of basketball at a high school in the fierce battle, every Friday to Sunday's match day. Because the NBA players in the offseason sometimes play one, so in this league, basketball enthusiasts can get folk and NBA players a chance, no big players and roles of players in here, in the field, we are all equal status, folk hand buckle NBA star high isolation the scenes have occurred. NikeKobe10" DrewLeague" The color of the NikeKobe10 Drew league with a black color appearance, the body of the shoe by the black surface engineering building, Kobelogo and Swoosh in the heel of the shoe side lined with gold, Drew League Theme pattern, Wang Zhezhi gas. NikeKyrie2" DrewLeague" LosAngelesUnified for the Drew League Championship in 2015 to create exclusive color Erwin 2, black vamp collocation golden Erwin LOGO and the magic, with gold ink in the bottom, the full sense of luxury. All Star League 2. McDonald's high school students McDonald's high school students all star league tournament was founded in 1978, the most famous American high school students, of the players is that all American high school selected the top players from the league, NBA famous players to come out of the McDonald's high school students: O'neal, Carter, beyond count Kidd, Garnett, Pearce, Kobe, James, Howard Durant, Ross, and other superstars have participated i cheap jordans n the McDonald's high school all star game. adidasCrazyquick-McDonald'sAllAmericanGamePEExclusive version of using adidasCrazyquick as the blueprint for the McDonald's all American high school star to build the body of the shoe in black color gradient. The tongue have exclusive LOGO MAAG. adidasRose5boost" McDonald'sAllAmericanGame" & adidasDLillard" McDonald'sAllAmericanGame&〉 online sale successful way to revitalize some topic shoes just purchase, NIKE SNKRS as one of the representatives also available in the update related footwear. Recently got the news, the three Air Jordan 1 and other heavy shoes will at the same time in order for sale. "Black Toe", "Banned", "Top 3" color included NIKE SNKRS earlier for you to bring the sincerity full of surprise. The official also seems to see you fans expectations, the online sale is Air Jordan 1 "All Star", Air "Royal" Jordan 1, Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam", Air Vapormax and Flyknit Trainer and Air Max 97 shoes, is back this lineup by dumping, especially is a lot of work is a lot of game player's heart good. It is reported that these shoes will begin a daily double sale in August 18th, also please lock the official information.This is the classic Reebok regression source, GL 6000 to build this pair of running shoes to the British flag as the new color inspiration. From the Union Jack from blue, red, gray color, in a splicing layer presents and suede shoes, embroidered words as details of embellishment. Currently, the shoe can be purchased through the Inflammable and other designated stores, priced at about $110. source: InflammableFan: commissioning editor date: 2014-2-18 Carey Erwin -Zoom HyperRev February 17, 2014 Beijing time, the NBA all star competition was carried out in New Orleans. The eastern all - Star beat Western All - star wit jordan 3 katrina 2018 h a score of 163-155. We came together to see what shoes were worn by the stars in the stadium and the stars in the field. The Under the item: 850703-011 release date: February 14th a group of cool style comic record growth of Shinco MVP Ross, from the university to enter the NBA draft; from the NBA all star game to become the regular season MVP; to the playoffs, carefully you will find that in fact Ross at the foot of the boots have changed. Look forward to the wonderful performance of Ross's next season. The Oregon ducks and Air release date: February 15, 2014Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Pure Platinum" offering information 2015-12-30 11:04:28 continues to report this pair of Nike Air Foamposite Pro "Pure Platinum", today the network once again brought us a new picture of beauty. The tone of the shoes was inspired by Nike Air Yeezy 2, "Pure Platinum", gray shoes, orange lining, and finally presented with luminous outsole. Low profile and full of flavor, we have no fate and Air Yeezy 2 attached to, can have its company is also a good compensation oh. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in March 12th, number 616750-003. Party Converse's birthday is not over, the number of tannins add! 2017-09-08 11:47:48 recently, Converse has been in your Converse's All Star 100th anniversary birthday planning not idle, in addition to previously reported a series of joint models, has launched a Converse All Star Ox tannic elements, the level of Chuck Taylor in the classic tube All Star Ox blueprint for the design, the high quality the Japanese Gangshandan Ning material to build the body of the shoe, since then, our favorite canvas shoes can start the cattle, and also use the latest REACT cushioning technology in the bottom of the body. It is reported that this will be released in foamposites for cheap mid September, priced at $9720 yen., the French luxury brand Louis; Vuitton Damier Cobalt Canvas published a series of bags, including purses, bags, luggage and bags and other portable bag. Not see the flood of letters of LV pattern, no classic brown leather, but the design of the classic blue / Black Plaid canvas with leather with high quality to create; handle or strap, metal buttons and other details are still showing unusual luxurious texture. luxury brand Louis · Louis Vuitton Vuitton low-key luxury bag almost all love shoes cultural friends for Air Jordan will have a unique feeling, if not love it will not hate, this is God's charm, but also Air Jordan today to stand in Sneaker peak. Air love Jordan friends will go to some Air Jordan 11 feeling, a pair of shoes that should be the representative of the pink of perfection culture shoes, a pair of shoes so beautiful should be everlasting, if you really want to let me choose a pair of the most love shoes, Air Jordan 11 will be my choice. W9 Z8 r* G: Q7 |" A), ~4 L*; o" U! N4 X Air Jordan 11 (actually including and low for help is Air Jordan series more color style, but even so there are still many we can only be envious of not offering an unnoticed talent. 9 m/ Y/ E8 O* J e! Today we have to look at the 50 pair of Air Jordan 11 did not offer, make up for the regret in the heart, perhaps in the near future, the color will be engraved in the list might also do T5 k- X6 q% Z1 E R o. h/ U7; 0) J3, z$prototype Prototype: once perhaps, perhaps Air Jordan 11 was so long, thick training shoes taste ah. I: o0 r$J6 o%)] J4 C t!); @7 Air Jordan XI Prototype Sample ~ 11 1995 Year: Concord #45:45# Air Jordan is the eternal 11 Limited Edition + m! A. J}2 Q9 X Air Jordan; XI #45 Sample6 e# W6 11 Concord U7 q'I% t% m (^& Year: 1995 Cheap air jordans for sale 9]" m" Z9; S' Y" b) t& F Bred "; #45, P) i% s, m Air Jordan) @ XI 11 Bred #45 Sample4 z) U# C& x9 L1 |3 v$]%; C a% N# Z3 N9 {9 1 P Year: 1995 Leather Upper Air: leather leather Jordan 11 don't have a flavor. " t- X'E3〉;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation], "We now have over 400 core staff have equity, options, we have to continue to expand the scope of the next, Peak will start the next round. equity incentive. " As the only company in the sporting goods industry annually publicly report on corporate social responsibility of private enterprises, the shoe brand Peak is working to create their own team culture. In CEO Xu Zhihua opinion, the problem lies not in the introduction of key team personnel, but rather to build the corporate culture and management processes throughout the building, culture building. Process to create not only be able to ensure a steady stream of new blood rising inside of your culture to the outside world if there is enough talent attraction, this is the most important. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 400 people enjoy equity incentive & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; last year, Pick the HKEx announced its specific plans for the implementation of equity incentive . According to the announcement, Peak will total 13.065 million shares granted to more than 400 Olympic employees, including the company's executive, administrative and production staff, of which the highest earned 30 million equity incentive, the lowest received 5,000 shares. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; This is the spring rate relay seven wolves, Anta and other listed companies, but also an implementation of equity incentive Quanzhou enterprises. However, seven wolves and modify 22 equity incentive after Anta 38 executives and other company data, compared involves Pick the broader equit Cheap jordans online y incentive, including some of the grassroots cadres, also included in the scope of incentive stock options. Some analysts said the management equity incentive tilted from front-line employees to the incentives for executives in the past only to sink to the frontline staff who make them really feel respected, recognized, there is a reasonable remuneration and good career development . Meanwhile, the shoe brand Peak will also in the future recruitment, and achieved a more favorable position. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "We now have over 400 core staff have equity, options, we have to continue to expand the range of last year we started this option plans, to our core. Employees are integrated into the program in the past. We also went to the factory propaganda. In the business-to-supervisor at this level, the plant is to the team at this level, enjoy the option scheme. Next, the shoe brand Peak will start next equity incentive wheel is to be assigned to new entrants to the Olympic and outstanding staff. "Xu Zhihua said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; improve the promotion mechanism & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; It is understood that the Olympic Group has a sound internal promotion mechanisms, including technology development Development Gateway and management development, but also the way the internal competition for promotion. Good career development prospects make the Olympic able to make and retain talent introduction. The company more than 20 years of development history, a number of employees working in Olympic years has been more than 10 years, even up to 20 years. Among them, the sales director Lin Bilian growth is undoubtedly a classic. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1989, the Olympic inception, Lin Bilian came Pick, Pick-level employees to become a production system. "People have to pursue, goals, sel jordan shoes online sale f-worth in action", unwilling to mediocrity ????? always abide by his own life motto. In a production system hard work a few years later, she realized that sales is a more challenging work, she decided to apply to the company, transferred to the store when a salesperson. Shopping guide career in retail outlets a few years, the ????? learning by doing, learning by doing Wu, shop sales booming, from clerk to manager, then regional director. She was not only well aware of product information, but also the face of the ever-changing market economy has been more mature sound to control the experience. She reached together with the vice president responsible for the formation Xu clothing department and is responsible for the company's entire sales. From sales manager to sales director, she accompanied the Olympic 20 years, we have witnessed the growth of Olympic, but also the achievements of his Olympic dream. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "you have to have a standard, whether it is for your family or for people who are outside a standard to ask him the same reward, is a standard to ask Your team. Of course, if there are talented people within the family, we do not go shy with him. Therefore, there should be a standard requirement of people. "In the opinion Xu Zhihua, Peak because the existence of such a standard and promotion mechanisms, so Pick of the development to be rising. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Olympic School" & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in 2007, the company was founded Peak Peak School (PeakBusinessSchool) for the front-line sales staff systematic training, while also providing relevant training Peak product knowledge and sales skills as the dealer. The past two years, the Olympic Business School were held over 20 training camps, marketing, purchasing department, dealers and field sales staff are highly involved. "We should say, Olympic Business School is the Olympic dealer management model for effective innovation," Xu Zhihua said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; It is understood that the status quo based on the strategic objectives, the status quo commodity procurement channels and terminal personnel, Pick up a "buy hand training" to train professional procurement for the regional companies and dealers , ordering staff. With the development of the sporting goods market, the market requirements have a stronger channel ordering personnel scientific, professional. During the reporting period, the Olympic terminal business schools from across the regional organization's nearly 50 buyers participated in national buyers courses. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; buyers by inviting industry professionals training teachers to explain the scene and the actual operation, so that students fully learn and understand as buyers should have the basic conditions and capabilities. On the other hand, the relevant staff from the Peak product development and sales departments of products for the new season in-depth explanation for dealers deeper understanding of Olympic products to lay a good foundation. there are three things, one is the recent concern, Fujian footwear industry technology development (Putian) base opening, two is the Fujian inspection and Quarantine Technology Center and the National Standardization Center of shoe-making technology signed a cooperation agreement in Putian, three is Putian shoes clothing city project construction. Known as the "shoe city" known as Putian, the shoes do more "big two". footwear industry is one of the ten major industrial clusters in Putian. In 2006, Putian shoes industry has accumulated 13 billion 880 million yuan in industrial output value, and exported more than 300 million pairs of shoes for more than 1 billion 100 million pairs, becoming one of the main producing areas and important export bases of footwear products throughout the country. In accordance with the "11th Five-Year" plan, by 2010, the city's footwear industry to achieve output value of 20 billion yuan target, in 2007 the planned output value of 18 billion yuan. established in June 21st in Fujian footwear industry technology development (Putian) base, planning an area of 150 acres, the total investment of 80 million yuan. This base is the Putian municipal government entrusted Huafeng Shoes Co., Ltd. led by relying on the national Footwear Testing Center, in conjunction with the provincial Footwear Association and related enterprises, joint institutions of higher learning and scientific research units formed. Base mainly for the development of footwear varieties and functions, new shoe-making materials, footwear testing equipment and shoe-making machinery improvement and development, product testing, testing, etc.. Fujian inspection and Quarantine Technology Center has a Key Laboratory of the national testing center of footwear and footwear national testing China's only national standard, shoemaking center is a national leather and footwear industry research and standardization technology controlled machine in our country only. After signing the agreement on scientific and technological cooperation in Putian in June 21st this year, the two sides will fully rely on scientific research, equipment, personnel and other advantages, and jointly participate in the maintenance of national standards for footwear. Putian shoes clothing city in Fujian province is the focus of the project, the project covers an area of 320 mu, planning construction market transaction area of 150 thousand square meters, a total investment of 300 million yuan, after the completion of the shoe garment trading volume in more than 3 billion yuan. A phase of the main project is expected to be completed and delivered at the end of this year. (editor in chief: admin)Time flies and change, even if the Nike constantly, but the shoes fans always more interested in the first year of the color. Perhaps the ancient feeling is everything, perhaps in the first year of the equipment to find a record of childhood dreams, in short when Jordan Brand first year of engraved, the world is bound to a whirlwind of panic buying. The double Air was born in 2008 1 Jordan believe is no exception, the continuation of Air Jordan 1 design classic black and white color, with simple low-key comeback, tongue Nike Air Logo nostalgia to bring you back to that wonderful age belong to it in a moment. item: 555088-010 release date: November 8th 940x631q80.jpeg (69.55 KB, download number: 12) download Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG released 2014-11-1 13:23 upload 940x1003q80.jpeg (97.42 KB, download number: 12) download Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG released 2014-11-1 13:23 upload 940x737q80.jpeg (73.16 KB, download number: 13) download Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG released 2014-11-1 13:23 upload 940x626q80.jpeg (62.14 KB, download number: 12) download Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG released 2014-11-1 13:23 upload 940x607q80.jpeg (55.37 KB, download number: 12) download Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG released 2014-11-1 13:23 upload 940x627q80.jpeg (1130in 29 at the opening night party, also show the Air Jordan White Collection rare white suit, including the Air Jordan sold 23 pairs of non white color is full. this store on November 30th officially opened, Wuchang. Taipei street, No. 33 two.