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"May Day" on the eve of the Putian District of Chengxiang hardware business owners Wang Zonghui received a shoe of the settlement amount, only the transaction profit had caught up with him last year in the first half of the profits, let him taste the sweetness of shoes and garment industry closely. Prior to this, Wang Zonghui, if only because of lack of information technology, and difficult operation. Service at home "and" enterprise of Putian business sector to contribute to the next, like Wang Zonghui from the field in Chengxiang, East China Sea, Taihu Hualin industrial clusters of small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses have close cooperation in the interests of the shoes industry, there are more than 120 the first four months of this year. Putian city of footwear, garment industry strong momentum of development, but resulting in a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, self-employed households production is scattered and isolated, the surrounding supporting large enterprises with low efficiency, high cost of services, industrial upgrading slow, overall competitiveness challenges. For this problem, break since last year, the Putian industry and commerce departments to actively explore, launched the "family business" service, coordination, straighten out the government and various functional departments, make the quantity and quality of articles, promoted the aggregation and strong shoes and garment industry. talent, capital, information, technology is the key to strengthening and expanding the industry. Putian industry and commerce departments have gradually built up a complete support system of industrial clusters focusing on talents, funds, information and technology services. The introduction and cultivation of strong relevance, driven by strong large enterprises, while supporting small and medium enterprises to enter the cluster supply network, the formation of a large number of professional supporting enterpr jordans on sale mens ises, which significantly reduce costs, enhance flexibility, improve competitiveness. with the help of the business sector, cluster enterprises set off an upsurge in management, operation and technological innovation capability. There have been more than 20 enterprises to carry out technological transformation, a total investment of more than billion yuan, the apparel enterprises scale has more than 75% established technology center and technology development department. At present, a number of enterprises to clothing, footwear, the genius Voight shoes as the representative of the apparel industry, driven by printing, ribbon, hardware, shoe processing, injection molding, mold processing and other industries supporting more than 400 enterprises and more than 900 self-employed households, employing about 200000 people, the cluster enterprises annual production value of nearly 3 billion yuan, becoming the local economic development a powerful driving force. (editor in chief: admin)After last year's Nike Air Max 1 launched a new Woven design, in many shoes and applauded non-stop brought us Air Max 90 Woven. This series continues the classic design of 90 Air Max, and the integration of tide woven decoration flavor on the wing, let a person find everything fresh and new. nike-air-max-90-woven-2016-pack-1.jpg (83.92 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 90 Woven 2016 2015-11-30 09:46 upload nike-air-max-90-woven-2016-pack-2.jpg (67.57 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 90 Woven 2016 2015-11-30 09:46 upload nike-air-max-90-woven-2016-pack-3.jpg (80.38 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 90 Woven 2016 2015-11-30 09:46 upload nike-air-max-90-woven-2016-pack.jpg (81.07 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Max 90 Woven 2016 2015-11-30 09:46 upload Nike 00The black color is Bred Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Air reproduce low shoes, Suns players Isaiah Thomas ahead on foot on foot as the sun grid, black red and white Cheap jordans online classic color collocation shows a Bulls team color.??????high heels s Are we teaching the way kids learn Free download ideas for engaging our students brains elites socks This Pin was discovered by Alexa Tracy Discover and save your own Pins on heels s Are we teaching the way kids learn&nbs" /〉 asics sales rep design editorial diagrama o layout magazine pages spreads mag revista jornal british tan shoes with what color pants Ideas for hot chocolate bar high heels s Are we teaching the way kids learn Free download ideas for engaging our students brains ??????north face clearance jackets iron pipe family photo display dining room ideas home decor repurposing upcycling wall decor women u s free run cool grey blue glow night blue Rag amp Bone Spring Ready to Wear Collection Photos Vogue north face clearance jackets iron pipe family photo display dining room ideas home decor repurposing upcycling wall decor Unique design inspiration Nike Sportswear LeBron 10 Cork 2013-12-08 22:38:19 June 21st, after winning the first championship, Lebron · James celebrates champagne, an unprecedented year for him. Lebron · James has won three MVP and finals most valuable player, but compared these personal honor with James and his teammates won the collective honor, is not worth mentioning. world champion - this title, like top champagne, can stand the test of time, as well as inspiration for the design of the real cork version of James's tenth signature shoes. Learn from the ten generation of Lebron high performance shoes, Nike Sportswear for this shoes using high quality materials and manufacturing technology, make it more delicate, suitable for off-site wear. LEBRON X NSW cork sneakers marks the birth of the first variety of Nike Sportswear version extended by Nike signature basketball shoes, blended with the advanced material worn under the stadium. Nike Sportswear LEBRON X cork sports shoes will be sold at designated stores ar cheap air jordans ound the world in December. Nike LeBron Low Model 2013-12-08 22:27:06 2013 spy photos in Nike LeBron 10 has just come out soon after exposure on the network Nike LeBron Low 2013 Model spy, spy in Nike LeBron Low 2013 has 5 colors. We can see clearly the upper is made of Hyperfuse composite material, the overall design of Nike LeBron and ST Low have many similarities, this Nike LeBron Low 2013 is no more commercially available information exposure, love friends please continue to pay attention to our report.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; is located in the eastern outskirts of Beijing Dashanzi 798 Art District, it is a distribution center for contemporary art and culture of Beijing. Was the US "Time Magazine" named the most iconic cultural landmark of the capital of art, where the latest trends of contemporary Chinese art and fashion, are able to get the most concentrated expression. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at 20:15 on January 5 2007, a city with 798 typical style is tidy up a new plant, gathered in front of more than 400 from China. " Beijing on Guangshen "four central cities as well as Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York-based artists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers, entertainment, people and" hardcore "of global sports shoes collectors, they braved the winter Beijing rather abuse chill, witnessed a large curtain opened. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; and Chinese Han Ting Wei, vice president and general manager of Nike Air Force 1 and two and born the same year, were a symbol of the new generation of Chinese youth representatives creativity and movement, a joint press Kai slowly rising black door - Nike 706 Space officially launched! As the door Cursive writing "I am a source of strength" in the 798 this modern art landmark, the establishment of this permanent exhibition hall Nike sports culture, show Nike sports culture to show its unique strength and determined: that is sport, creative and cultural melting pot, providing a source of inspiration for the new gener buy cheap jordans online ation of athletes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Opening day drama, is a sports culture gluttonous feast - "I was a source of strength" Nike Air Force 1 twenty-fifth anniversary exhibition. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Air Force 1 is a legend in the history of sports shoes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1982, Nike Air technology will be applied first basketball shoe, the first pair of Air Force 1 was born. Nike invited that year to lead the Philadelphia 76ers won the NBA championship Moses? Malone and other six NBA players, as this technically revolutionary new shoes spokesperson. This 6 player itself has a distinctive unique style, the tone of the original Air Force became a cultural - ambitious, durable, and beyond, bold, consistent and pure. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; into the hall, in a special poster on both sides, we can see Twenty five years ago this six foot master of the first generation of Air Force 1 white NBA arena battle grace and presence. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "original six" has become a kind of inertia and the traditional Air Force 1 in twenty-five years. Today, a new group of six people again their personality rich cultural meaning of the shoe:? That is a tough Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, the king of the traditional core, Rasheed Wallace, A?? Mayr? Stoudemire's power, Tony? Parker's French-style cool and Vince? Carter maverick. Air Force 1 basketball court, including almost all of the elements of the force, its core values, is a force to show but myself. And this power hidden in confidence, but also through the basketball court spread to every movement put Air Force 1. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; into the 706, the first thing seen, is an abstract model of the foot elevated Chan placed first pair of Air Force 1. Twenty-five years of the time it did not diminish the enormous impact, with its central axis point, the white shock waves open, eventually solidified into four arcs of the display wall, displaying the twenty-five years Air 1 of the four themes F cheap jordans orce history, culture, collections and the latest products, technology and other Air Force. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; If you have a collection of a pair of Air Force 1 shoes, if you like those shoes, take off 1 star wearing Air Force, as in this towering halls can jump to a plan enough height, you will find that you now have seen they are so familiar with: the layout of the exhibition hall is not that every pair of Air Force 1 outsole are specially designed shock wave pattern of concentric circles it? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Air Force 1 mysterious, is not it make you a little dizzy? This is not surprising, as early as twenty-five years ago, Air Force 1 mysterious force, so that when the designer Bruce Kilgore did not expect that his design will become the next twenty-five years of the most sought after shoes, Air Force 1 basketball quickly overtook each period into the current culture, especially the US East Coast is one of many music fans love it, which is regarded as a symbol of fashion. After, Air Force 1 began with the rhythm of the music close companions, and trends are inseparable. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? So, on this twenty-fifth anniversary exhibition, well-known writers from the United States, music ?????? Garcia (Bobbito Garcia) and senior basketball writer Issa g? Perry (Isaac Perry) also came to cheer for their favorite. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shock wave through the exhibition, is a more ambitious stadium - right, the basketball court has become a standard twenty-fifth anniversary of this event the main exhibition area. Gaokuang pitch dark space, is engraved with zero Lu Qi of Chinese lanterns dotted lit at the distal end of the basketball, Isaac? Perry with his unique Chicago accent, reading his creation specifically for the Air Force 1 The poem "I was a source of strength" - "I was born in the stadium, long in the streets from New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore ... footprints all over the world.." faction ?????? captures the Air Force 1 i cheap air jordans online n Pan sport: " I speak style is the foundation of urban culture ...... from hip hop to the endless urban beat, I was eternal, I indispensable " & nbsp;. & nbsp; & nbsp; those over Global sports shoes fans to their collection actions, faithful interpretation of the Air Force 1 is indispensable. Exhibition wall in shock, we see the creation of more than 100 pairs of different periods and different inspiration classic Air Force 1 shoes on display, all shoes are the best collections, from Nike Tibetan Museum and New York, China and Hong Kong Favorites who's careful collection. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Why collectors sought after twenty-five years as one day with this shoe? Because the Air Force 1 was the first to evolve into a basketball shoe and cultural success stories. In addition to the old six group spokesperson, there is a Chinese basketball fans are familiar with the tough guy:? Charles Barkley can not fail to mention. It was his Air Force 1 will be unknown poster to a higher altitude, he used his personality and skills lay the Force shoes and sportswear status. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Air Force 1 and street music why it is so out of step? Because with the Air Force 1 products widely circulated, they began more and more athletes rebellious intimacy come together, while Force swept upward trend reflects the Hip-Hop music, street musicians on the so-called mainstream culture of disdain and provocative, rebellious and Barkley in exactly the same stadium. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Back to the music and the beat, back to this absolutely COOL enough scene, famous Hip-Hop band from mainland China, "Kung Fu (Kong Fu)" with the Chinese interpretation "I was a source of strength," and then also to the Air Force 1 is inspired by a mysterious force, they live premiere of the tribute to Air Force special song ....... West of the whirlwind that has just begun:? Bao Bituo Garcia unbearable feeling really ambitious, and three Chinese DMC Champion DJ Wordy DJ on stage in basketball soared from each of DJing effort. Subsequently, the domestic scene Hip-Hop Godfather V-nutz, Hip-Hop DJ pioneer of Fortune, as well as a mixture of Hip-Hop, reggae and jazz band singing style Raph are center stage. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; co-author of Hip-Hop beats, twenty-five years, enough dripping interpretation of a legend. But as Perry's poetry chant: "I also mean more ...... but the most important thing is that I was born art basketball game, the stadium impressionistic, classical design.." Air Force 1 , he flew back over the basketball hall, and only on the basketball court, to find this source of strength it is most true. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; After twenty-five years, Nike to commemorate this special time scale on this commemorative exhibition on display in the "Air Force 25", is on the Air Force 1's tribute, this salute to return to the basketball court of origin. Tradition 6 group, Air Force 25 pick in the NBA in the same six newcomers as endorsements, Amer? Stoudemire, Jermaine? O'Neal, Emeka? Okafor, Al? Ha Ling ?? Dayton, Carlos Boozer and Nate Robinson, their impact on the basketball athlete will front a group of Force to imprint basketball together, while adhering to the Air Force 25 and plays the soul still still: strength , strength and determination. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shoe outsole bold horizontal lines, which is almost the Air Force 1 shoe fans identify series of introductory knowledge, this year will be listed in the Air Force 25 on tradition and innovation grasp, as Air Force 1 twenty-five years of the series never disappointing, because it will always be & nbsp "source of strength."; & nbsp; & nbsp; there will not disappoint us is Nike space 706, Air Force 1, this twenty-fifth anniversary exhibition just sports culture temple curtain lifted a start ......LeBron 13 at the end of September early in the city sold color first landing nikeid platform support for custom, have gradually become subject to many custom Daren favor of popular models; overwhelmed, selects instagram LeBron 13 ID works, which not only have a higher degree of recognition of the iron man theme was now, every ID will hardly missed "yeezy" tone. source: InstagramAdidas Originals recently released the 2017 autumn and winter series, a new shoe has attracted everyone's attention, this is called "Swift" inspired by the 80s Vintage shoes, running shoes, Primeknit woven vamp collocation Torsion? Technology, a very good feeling. It is reported that this pair of Adidas Originals Swift will be officially released on July 27th. as a pattern layer of retro running shoes high yield brand, ASICS this brings us a brand new ASICS GEL LYTE III "POLISHED PACK"". In this series, there are two colors of red and blue to match the upcoming spring and summer season. It is reported that this section will be sold at designated stores, interested friends do not miss ~T1 is HT after the introduction of a X1 BMX and Racing Enduro design of the lock step, can be said to be the perfect product line HT. In the horizontal foot circle for the development of HT lord it over others for many years, the lock step will come naturally. from the T1 HT is not difficult to see the shape, it is no doubt that the face of the competition is XTR985 Shimano. But only the current version of the steel, the tread area of 68X83.5 mm, thickness of 16.8 mm. This area is enough to provide a very good step stability. T1's tread is made of aluminum alloy material, which is cut by CNC, and the front end of each tread is provided with two non slip nails. A pair of measured weight is 370 grams. In the packaging, the lock sheet is attached to the thickness of the two gaskets, which is applicable to different soles, users can according to their own preferences to select, install, locking plate with shim weight was 65.7 g, with thick pads for 66.6 grams. T1 internal structure is different from the previous HT level pedal, it uses the HT the latest EVO+ bearing system and lateral axis design of the dust cover, this lets the human have to look forward to its waterproof and dustproof performance, pedal of hollow shape also shows that designers take full account of the T1 mud of. T1 and x1, the biggest bright spot also is in the locking mechanism, the traditional lock step such as Shimano, the latch on the front end is fixed, rely on the rear end of the lock machine of floating to lock and unlock. But there are also designed for example time mountain bike lock on and the concept of Shimano instead, the back-end is a fixed fastener, rely on the front end of the lock machine floating to realize locking and unlocking. And in front of the T1 is bringing new structure, it is HT self-developed patented design: before and after floating, HT for H30 structure, it can allow the driver into the lock more rapidly, and the lock into the still owns 4.5 degrees the movable range. Unlock angle fixed to 13 degrees, there is no regulatory design, but this is a relatively comfortable to unlock the angle, and no longer need to be adjusted. Compared to x1, T1 design is more humanized, lock machine rear spring force adjusting screw is set on the bottom slope, the front has been changed into a slope, and design the hollow groove and scale, so that the user can clearly see the spring strength index. T1 locking very simply, there won't be any soft locking sense, a loud voice, "snapped" can let you direct it love unceasingly, and no need to use too much effort. In the middle part of the lock machine, a steel plate with similar Shimano is designed, and the steel surface is directly contacted with the rubber to protect the aluminum alloy. May I usually use the level of the time than the level of self lock, so the individual to unlock the intensity of its feeling is too large, only the spring dynamics of the adjustment screw to the most loose state only feel moderate. But then let the two "lock shoe specialist" for a period of T1, they feel.